7.6 Acres Crown Land - Lots of Potential!!

For Sale
Lavusa, Nadi ID: BR-240311-101625 Land for Residential Use
Asking Price
$270000 +no_tax


Large Acreage Crown lease property located in Lauvsa Nadi. The land has great potential for sub-division of Residential or Commercial lots.

- 7.6 acres crown land
- 92 years remaining
- Walking distance to Nadi town
- Close to amenities
- Have a proposed sub division plan
- Sugar tribunal approval for rezoning
- Lavusa, Nadi
- 2 minutes drive to Nadi town
- Potential for residential / commercial lots

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  • Close to Health Centers
  • Close to Parklands
  • Close to Schools
  • Close to Shops
  • Close to Transportation